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The Witcher: Vampire Romancing

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As I mentioned before, I actually returned to the temple quarter to look for Kalkstein since i wanted to clear up space in my inventory. But I couldn't find him in the lab, so I teleported to the tower, hoping to find him there. After all, he was the one who gives you the Mage Tower quests in Chapter II to begin with. He was hanging around there, and one thing I noticed was that the items in chests and trunks and stuff all respawned. So I went straight back into town using the Mage Tower teleporter to loot all items! 

A few things of note was, I ran into Shani's house, and Granny wasn't living there anymore, and now, if you speak to Shani at the hospital, she lets you rest there, which is pretty cool. You can no longer find Thaler in his house near the dungeons, since he's now residing at the New Narakort, in hiding, I guess. Best stay where the crowds are. I also found Siegfried by the Order guardhouse. 

He seems to have been assigned a new squadron since I wiped out his old one in the swamp. He still doesn't know they were killed due to my actions but he seems to have an inkling that I was consorting with the Scoia'tael. Yes, I can spell Scoia'tael properly now. Get over it. He also asks you to help name his new squadron. You can choose from "Flaming spears of [something, I forgot]", or the Hobos. If you choose the first option, he goes with it. But if you choose the 2nd one, he chastises you and thinks of a new name, namely, "Iron Flame" or something like that. My memory fails me. 

Also, the detective Raymond's house has been rented out to a dentist. His name is Zahin as I recall. He's never in the house during the day, he likes to hang out with the Antiquary dwarf. I spoke to the dentist and he's kind of creepy. The first thing he does, (similar to Kalkstein) is ask for a sample of your teeth. Then he asks you to bring him rare samples of teeth, since he's a collector. Very creepy. 

I also spoke to Jailer Jethro who told me about something related to Fisstech, but I forget. I'll remember eventually. Also, near the inn, you'll encounter a man named Angus. He seems shifty and you follow him to his house and he resists, so you kill him and the documents you recover from his body indicate that there is a Salamandra hideout in the sewers. That being done, I actually found the door to the hideout near Ramsmeat's house, but I didn't enter. Instead, I left and went back to the Trade Quarter. 

This time, I decided to check out the House of Night, since I have a quest to do there. A man named Patrick de Sweyze from the inn asked me to look for his daughter, who had fang marks on her neck (presumably bitten by a vampire). She has blue eyes. Once I entered, I encountered this blue-eyed beauty. 
Cocky whores
They sure serve a lot of rich, fat men.

She turned out to be one of the whores of the house. You can actually sleep with her as well. If you tell her her brother is looking for her, she'll say "I have no family!"
She does insist that you bathe before doing the nasty.

In order to sleep with her, you need to pay her 500 Orens, but what I did was flash her the ring I got from Erkin's drinking game, and she reduced the price to 300 orens. After that, I offered her a Sapphire and I got sex for free. Yay! Also, by banging her, you'll notice the fang marks on her neck, which means you can now confirm she's pretty much the man's sister. 
Blue eyes sex card. She sure has lots of gold.

Later on, you can go upstairs by flashing your ring to the bodyguard. You'll encounter the Lady of the Night. She tells you that her lover died fighting by your side. This person is also a vampire, Regis, who was one of your closest friends in the past. Dandelion mentioned him at Shani's party.
Lady of the Night kinda looks like Carmen

You can't really do anything with her at the moment. Just a nice chat. She's surrounded by 3 girls called "Sisters of Mercy". I think she blooded these girls since she calls them daughters. I then returned to Mr Patrick de Sweyze at the inn and tell the guy that his sister is now a hoe, hooking up with random rich clientele at the House of Ill Repute. 
Mr de Sweyze

He then asks you to return there and see if someone is controlling his beloved little sister. So I return, and speak to the Lady of the Night. She then tells me that the girl wanted to be blooded, and she summoned The Lady to turn her into a vampiress. Otherwise, her brother had arranged for her to marry a terrible man. She wanted to be a vampire to obtain eternal beauty and to escape the living or something. So I decided to side with the vampires at this point. Once I said that, she was like, GIRLS, GET HIM! O_O
Gangbang? O_O

I was surrounded D: 

Then this one behind be transformed! D: OMG.

Then sex card. *victory music* 

Right after the sex, Patrick walks into the brothel. Kinky bastard was probably listening in. He then proceeds to attack me so I kills them all. I also picked up a sweet sword from his body. Damage +10%. 
Dead bitches all around meh~

But yeah, that's pretty much all I did so far. I did venture back into the swamp. I went from the tower out towards the druid's alcove, but on the way I encountered scary shit. 

There are now Kikimore workers and Kikimore Warriors in addition to the existing Drowned Dead and such. The warriors really scared me at first since they're so frickin huge. I thought it was a boss. Anyway, I found the Salamandra camp, and slaughtered them all, nearly dying in the process. After that, I ran into Voref and a pack of wolves and they KO'ed me in like 3 seconds. WTF. I didn't even save after I killed the Salamandras. Rage quit time.

I really despise the swamp.

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